Keto Diet Success: The 3 Crucial Mindsets You Need

No matter what diet you are planning to follow, you are unlikely to succeed without the right mindset. There’s a common pattern which most people experience. You start off excited about your new diet and begin by following the instructions to the letter.

Because you are following your new dietary guidelines, the pounds start falling off. This is great! It keeps up for a couple of days, or maybe a week or two. But eventually, you start to see the pounds coming back.

After this, things start to go downhill. You find yourself adding more weight than you had before you started your diet! This is crazy – the whole idea of dieting is to lose weight, right? Unfortunately, many diets are nothing but gateways to extra weight. How frustrating is that!

There is a reason many people end up following this demoralizing pattern. They have the wrong mindset. It doesn’t matter which diet you’re trying to adopt. The keto diet, the Atkins diet, the paleo diet or any other weight loss system. If you don’t have the right mindset, you’re likely to fail.

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Here are the three simple mindsets you need to adopt to achieve success with the keto diet:

Mindset #1: Assume that you can do it

Many diet books include testimonials, and it’s easy to get excited about them. You get all pumped up looking at the before-and-after pictures. The truth is, what you’re seeing is often exaggerated. Some shady books even use pictures which have been photoshopped.

It’s shocking, I know. It’s difficult to believe that people would do something like that. You should look at the pictures and read the claims with a sceptical mind. And don’t concentrate on whether the diet has worked for other people. Rather, focus on the possibility that the program could work for you.

Say you are unable to believe that. Say you can’t convince yourself that a specific weight-loss program might work for you. You’ll be making things a lot harder for yourself. Imagine you’re playing basketball, and you’re attempting to get the ball into the hoop.

If in your mind you’re telling yourself, “Other people can do this, but I’m no good at it,” what do you suppose will happen? Your ability to get the ball through the hoop will decrease. You’re making things more difficult for yourself, for no reason. You’re sabotaging yourself.

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If you want to succeed with the keto diet, you need to assume that you can do it. I’m not talking about the people who’re giving the testimonials or in the pictures, I mean you. If you are unable to make this assumption, you’re going to find it very difficult to succeed.

Mindset #2: Start with what you already have

People fail with diet plans because they think they need to make dramatic changes to their lives. They may believe that they have to become a different person. They may think they need to make massive changes to their situation to be successful.

If you think like this, you are giving yourself an excuse to expect poor results, or to not try at all. It’s easy to understand why people think along these lines. It’s easy to become spiritless once you’ve been disappointed by one diet after another.

It’s often quite easy to expect to be let down. When it comes down to it, you’ve already been through the routine of first losing weight then getting it all back. It becomes a familiar tune, and it always seems to end in disappointment and regret.

This is why you may think that you can only be successful by making as many changes as possible. Once again, you are putting barriers in your path. You’re making everything more difficult for yourself. You don’t have to do this. It’s unnecessary to construct the ideal environment. You don’t need to make huge changes to your behaviour to get this done.

Do you want to know why? Perfection is an impossible target. Conditions will never be exactly right to guarantee your success. You’re going to have to take a chance. You’ll have to start with what you already have.

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Your level of discipline is not important. All the other things going on in your life are not important. How you feel about yourself is not important. The only important things are first, that you assume this will work for you. And second, that you’re ready to start with what you already have.

Mindset #3: Choose to enjoy the food you eat

An important aspect of success with the keto diet is control. Many people fail with a new diet because they believe that they have to force themselves to conform to the limits of the diet. For example, they may not like a particular taste. But because they’re committing to a new diet, they compel themselves to like that flavour.

The problem with this is that eventually, your old self will escape the restraints. You’ll go back to the way you used to eat. This can be extremely frustrating. It seems as if you’re doing well, making a whole lot of changes. And then you get overpowered by your old habits. You end up back where you started.

To avoid this trap, you need to concentrate on enjoying the food you eat. This is not a burden. You’re not being oppressed. You’re not in a nightmare where you have to chastise yourself. The keto diet should be a festival of taste. What it comes down to is relishing your food under the keto rules.

First of all, you need to make the choice to follow the keto rules. You need to make the choice to go on the diet, and then you choose the food you eat based on the tastes you already have. You don’t need to become another person. Your taste buds are just fine as they are. Give yourself permission to enjoy the range of flavours that you already enjoy.

There’s one caveat: if you enjoy sweet foods, you’ll need to keep that in check. That’s the only big change. If you relish salty foods, sour foods, or certainly fatty foods, you’ll do fine. As long as you can keep your sweet tooth under control, you’ll be alright.

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If you want to be successful with the keto diet, you should take these three mindsets to heart. You may find it takes some time to adopt them. You’ve spent a long time learning your own way of seeing things and your own way of expecting things to develop. You are used to thinking about the food you eat in a particular way.

If you can change the way you think and assimilate the three pillars above, you’ll find it easy to adopt the keto diet. You’ll find that it’s much more likely to become a permanent part of your lifestyle.

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